How to Earn a Master of Clinical Psychology Online

A degree in clinical psychology can lead to a great career. As a holder of an advanced degree, many more career doors are opened and different jobs available. As the field of psychology has grown, the education options have grown along with it. There are now several viable options for earning a master of clinical psychology, including earning it online instead of a traditional classroom setting at a regular university.

An online degree might be right for you if you need to keep your full time job, need a flexible schedule that allows you to work around the needs of your family, or find that it works out better for your financially. If you decide that an online degree is right for you, there are several things to consider and understand when working on achieving your psychology degree.

Choose Your School

Your first step in getting a degree will simply be to find and be accepted into a school. It’s important to find a school that is nationally and regionally accredited. While most schools are, there are still some online universities that have not received their accreditation. A master’s degree in psychology is certainly enough to get a job in the field, but if a student is looking to go on to a Ph.D. program for a more scholarly or teaching role, then the degree absolutely must come from an accredited university.

Consider Your Career

Knowing what you’d like to do with your degree – working in a high school, opening a private practice, working in a hospital – can help you find the specific focus within your degree. This will ultimately decide what kind of classes you’ll take, such as psychopathology, cognitive therapy, personality, sexuality, vocational psychology, and child growth and development.

Understand the Format

Taking classes online delivers the same information and material as sitting inside of a classroom in a building. Still, this can feel uncomfortable or even intimidating if a student is unfamiliar with the format. Resources will be delivered in any number of ways: DVDs, podcasts, typed lectures, readings, forums, and Skype group chats. These are all necessary to facilitate the same kind of atmosphere and learning as a traditional classroom without the commute and with more flexibility.

It’s extremely important to follow all the guidelines laid out in every professor’s syllabus – a master’s degree online is still a master’s degree and instructors will expect a high degree of research, conversation, input, and, ultimately, hard work. Instructors are your resources for knowledge, but are also there to encourage you towards learning and push your boundaries so that you are prepared for real world situations and the hands on practice of psychology.

Practice Your Skills

Even online universities still require an internship or practicum. This is a truly sound way to take the practical, academic education and translate it into experience that employers like to see once you’ve graduated, and also helps solidify knowledge before becoming certified or licensed. This kind of practice – because of the fulltime nature and long term commitment – is also usually a paid endeavor. An internship can be done across a wide range of places – veteran’s hospitals, private mental wellness institutions, research clinics, and colleges.

Finish Strong

Once you’ve mastered your skills in the classroom and in practice, there will likely be a certification exam that allows you to practice therapy, counseling, or use your degree in a number of other ways. It is a lot of hard work and many years of logging in, submitting papers, chat rooms, buying textbooks, and listening to lectures, but earning your master’s of clinical psychology is truly a life changing event.

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MS: Psychology
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Northcentral University
MA: Psychology
Northcentral University - Northcentral University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. NCU has online programs for an MA in Health Psychology and an MA in General Psychology. These programs are well-suited for working professionals who must balance personal lives with their education.
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